Yeung, S. C. (2014, January). A Father’s Hands. Ricepaper Magazine, 18(3), 31.

Yeung, S. C. (2013, December). Out of Your Time. Voices Visible Student Writing Journal.  A BCTELA Voices Visible Poetry Winner


Canadian Beer. Full Production at the Eternal Theatre Collective Square 1 Festival                                        2016. Read about the play festival at Gi Cultural Society.

At first glance, "Canadian Beer" appears to be a light-hearted romance betweeen two close young friends, Yusuke and Maria. Upon closer examination, this play delves into the complexities of prejudices based on race, gender, and appearance. Yusuke and Maria bring to light their struggles against what other expect of them and their struggles to understand each other and themselves.

Family Jook. Public Reading at the Arts Club Theatre LEAP Playwriting Festival                                      2016

Canadian Beer. Public Reading at the Arts Club Theatre LEAP Playwriting Festival                                            2015

Award: Arts Club Theatre Research & Development Grant


Vancouver Public Library Writer in Residence Program. Emerging Writer recipient of Consultation with Writer in Residence                                         2014

Ricepaper Create Collaborate Celebrate Writing Workshop Participant with Invitation to Submit Writing            2012

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