Here are some roles and organizations that I've been passionate about.

Neuro-ophthalmology Research

Vancouver General Hospital Eye Care Centre; Pacific Parkinson's Centre 
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Face Recognition 
  • Eye Movements
  • Reading Disorders (Hemianopia, Alexia) 
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My Poster Presentation at a conference in May 2017

Vision Health Volunteers - Founder, President

I'm grateful for the dedicated & talented executive team that has helped VHV organize philanthropic events including our:
  • Diversity Fair to promote disability-oriented charities including Connectra, VocalEye, Aquafit for All
  • Volunteer Opportunities Info Session
  • Sighted Guide Training
  • Winter Concert
  • Goalball Demonstration
  • Dinner at Dark Table
  • Dine in the Dark + Guest Speakers from Department of Ophthalmology
We recruited a sizable number of UBC students to volunteer with the Canadian National Institute of the Blind – and CNIB says our club members have been fantastic volunteers. We consulted with members of the UBC Disabled Students Association to understand the needs of UBC students with disabilities. We were interviewed on a radio show. We started a Volunteer Committee. 

Music Outreach Society - Founder

Music Outreach Society is a non-profit organization started in 2011 that
  • organizes high school student volunteers & music concerts to connect the community together with music
  • provide an opportunity for young musicians to give back to their communities with their passion for music.
  • provides chances to build long lasting friendships and build up confidence in their music performance.
Community venues have included: 
  •  Louis Brier Home and Hospital
  • Southview Terrace
  • BC Children’s Hospital – Sunny Hill
  • the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
  • Villa Carital
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Volunteering with the Blind

  • Canadian National Institute of the Blind  - One-on-One Vision Mate Volunteer
  • Vocal Eye - Assisted with Audio Descriptions of Theatre Shows, Parades, & Fireworks for the Blind
  • Blind Beginnings - Camp Counsellor for Blind Children 
  • Blind Hockey Team - Volunteer

Food Photography Instagram

I currently co-run a popular food photography Instagram called "Indecisive Eaters" with 1800+ followers. Please send food photography related inquiries to indecisiveeaters(at) We photograph delicious eats across Vancouver and have had the honour of being invited to be Social Media Ambassadors for the Illumination Summer Night Market, Harvest Haus, Pacific Poke, and other establishments. 1800+ Followers    

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First Aid Attendant

Pharmacy Assistant

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First Nations & Rural Health Practicum                                                      

  • Assisted the Mobile Diabetes Team with diabetes screenings 
  • Assisted with vision screenings & recorded examination findings
  • Provided wound care on visits with nurses
  • Create diabetes management package for patients
  • Created educational eye condition brochures